About Kridarsh

Luxury is not just a word; it is an experience. From the finest fabrics sourced from around the world to the intricate patterns and captivating color palettes, our shirts are an expression of refinement and refined taste. Immerse yourself in the world of Kridarsh and indulge in the allure of true luxury

What Crafted To perfection Means?


Unleash Your Style with Versatile Fits:
• Slim Fit Elegance: Embrace a contemporary and sleek appearance with our slim fit formal shirts, tailored to flatter your physique and exude confidence.

• Relaxed Comfort in Regular Fit: Enjoy a more laid-back yet polished look with our regular fit formal shirts, providing ample room for movement without compromising on style.

• Perfect Balance with Tailored Fit: Experience the best of both worlds with our tailored fit formal shirts, offering a refined silhouette that strikes a harmonious balance between slim and regular fit.

Collar Styles that Elevate Your Ensemble:
• Sophisticated Spread Collar: Make a statement with our popular spread collar formal shirts, featuring wider collar points for a modern and versatile look.

• Classic Point Collar: Exude timeless elegance with our point collar formal shirts, characterized by collar points that are closer together, lending a touch of traditional charm.

• Suave Wing Collar: Elevate your formalwear game with our wing collar shirts, ideal for black tie events and adding a dash of panache to your ensemble.

frequently asked questions

What patterns are suitable for formal shirts?

Stick to solid colors for a professional look. Subtle patterns like pinstripes or checks can work if they're understated.

Can I wear short-sleeved shirts for formal occasions?

Long-sleeved shirts are more formal. It's best to choose long sleeves for a polished appearance.

What collar style is appropriate for formal shirts?

Classic collar styles like point collar or spread collar are the most suitable for formal shirts.

Do I need to wear a tie with a formal shirt?

Wearing a tie adds elegance and completes the formal look, but it depends on the dress code and occasion.

Can I wear a formal shirt without a jacket?

While jackets are common with formal shirts, you can wear a formal shirt without a jacket as long as it's well-fitted and ironed.

Which shirts are considered formal?

Plain Formal shirts for men typically include solid colors such as white, light blue, and light gray, preferably with a classic collar and long sleeves.

Do I need to tuck in a formal shirt?

Generally, it's expected to tuck in a formal shirt for a neater and formal appearance, but there may be exceptions depending on the dress code or occasion.